Buyer Beware CBD

Buyer Beware – CBD

At Passion Brands we are very particular about our product testing and basically doing everything we can to ensure that what we put on our labels and the quantity is actually what's “in the bottle''  Of late there has been a trend now with a lot of celebrity endorsements and a lot of money has been thrown into trying to get you, the consumer, to...

Passion Brands at the CBD Expo – Miami!

We’ve been busy here at Passion CBD ramping production up on our products and preparing new formulations for some new products we have in mind to bring to our customers Passion Brands was at the CBD Expo in Miami and it was a great time for all We have noticed some definite trends in the industry starting to turn but hey this CBD thing is a work in...

Welcome to Passion Brands CBD!

Hey! My name is Rick, founder of Passion Brands  As we mention on our home page (I hope you read the story), Passion Brands was formed to promote health and nutrition but to also provide help with overall wellness and inspiration for all With respect to our CBD line of products --  we have been working on our custom formulations for quite some...