Passion Brands at the CBD Expo – Miami!


We’ve been busy here at Passion CBD ramping production up on our products and preparing new formulations for some new products we have in mind to bring to our customers. Passion Brands was at the CBD Expo in Miami and it was a great time for all. We have noticed some definite trends in the industry starting to turn but hey this CBD thing is a work in progress for everyone in many ways. There was a lot of talk about pending regulations that may come down the pipeline but we also noticed a lot of companies just blatantly not following the generally accepted “rules of engagement”, so to speak. I asked them about it and they openly told me they were just going to keep making the claims they should not be making (even though they know they are skirting the law so to speak) until more clarity comes down the pipeline. 

We do not believe in this at Passion CBD. We can not make any claims and tell you that our CBD or any CBD will cure cancer or basically make any claim to any effect that if you purchase our product that it will definitely help you in any way. 

The FDA has recently warned many companies about this and we know why these companies are doing what they do. They simply want more sales and will tell you anything in order to get you to buy their products. This is dishonest at the very least. Some of these warnings to these companies included claims they were making about CBD stopping cancer cells, decreasing human glioma cell growth and invasion, blocking spinal, peripheral and gastrointestinal mechanisms responsible for the pain associated with migraines, fibromyalgia, IBS and other related disorders. This is just simply not accurate and while many can argue CBD does have many benefits, some of these claims are unbelievable and just goes to show the lows these ‘snake oil salesmen’ will go to in order to make a short term buck. My advice is that if you see any sites like this stay clear away. If you can not trust a company when you first read their advertisement one must wonder what else they are not telling you and where they are even getting their products from.

On the flip side – there are some good companies out there and many scientists are coming out with great ideas for the future and this is very exciting to say the least! I was happy to see the turnout from the EXPO (it was the biggest one yet I heard). Both from the consumer coming to check out the newest CBD offerings to the amount of booths and participation! We are in the beginning phase of something very special in the future and we will continue to attend these events to spread the word about CBD in our quest to help the world with their overall wellness and health!

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