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Hey! My name is Rick, founder of Passion Brands. 

As we mention on our home page (I hope you read the story), Passion Brands was formed to promote health and nutrition but to also provide help with overall wellness and inspiration for all.

With respect to our CBD line of products —  we have been working on our custom formulations for quite some time now and are very proud of what we have accomplished and who we have chosen to partner with in order to make it all happen. This is US grown hemp (there are reports that say up to 30-40% of what is on the market is from outside this country) which is highly bioavailable using patented technology.

We are living in a time now where everyone ‘claims’ to have that best products. Everyone throws around the current buzzwords like ‘gluten free’ and ‘nano’  but when you really get down to most of these companies are either getting their products from places they don’t know or worse, they do know but have no idea what is actually in their products or why. I am amazed at how many site links I visit with no lab reports or if the reports exist they are ‘really’ bare bones. What I mean by that is they do not do enough testing and in some cases they do not even show how much CBD is in the product! That is not a lab report.

Now, there are some good companies out there. But out of the places that are now selling CBD, more often than not the end consumer is not happy and a lot of times they do not even know why.  We hope to change that through education and awareness of the CBD industry and our goal is to expand our CBD product line to bring you the products you want to use in the way you want to consume it!

We have received a lot of emails and feedback and we encourage you to give our site a good look and if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. We are available in many ways by which you can reach us spanning from phone to email or via our contact form and through social media. We are happy to answer any questions and point you in the right direction when we can!

For nutrition, health, wellness and overall inspiration — We believe in knowing what you are putting in your body which is why you will see food and nutrition related posts as well.

We hope Passion Brands is a resource you will use and if you wish to try our products we would love to have you as a happy customer for a long time to come. We will do everything we can to try to make that happen and earn your business.  We place top priority on customer service and as you will see from our product information pages we only believe in using the highest quality ingredients in our CBD products. We use all organic where we can and our products truly are gluten free, almost entirely nut free, vegan (except in our salve as it has beeswax in it) and we have a very high CBD concentration in our products. These are tested twice (once by us and a second time via a third party lab) so you can be assured that what we claim is on the bottle or product is actually what you are getting. We have very high standards for Passion CBD and we hope you will see that throughout our journey together. 

More to follow……but for now Welcome to Passion Brands!

Rick M

Passion Brands CBD

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