Military – First Responders – Teachers – Students

Thank you for all you do!

Why Passion Brands Offers Discounted CBD for Military Members and Veterans, First Responders, Teachers and Students.

Passion Brands offers discounted CBD for military members and veterans because we want to support your efforts to live a healthy lifestyle. We know health and well-being for each and every service member or veteran leads to happier, more active families, and safer, more peaceful communities. For students, we know CBD oil is an added cost and you are likely at a place in life where you are not earning as much. If our CBD can play a part in that mission, we would be honored and proud.

Furthermore, there are countless stories from vets and service members who are astounded by what CBD has done for them. You don’t have to research for long before you find them. This is uplifting, and it inspires us to be better every day. It makes what we do more meaningful.

Passion Brands Offers CBD Oil Discount

Dedication. Resilience. Compassion. These are values our family members have taught us through their dedication to public service. We at Passion Brands have the highest respect for our country’s public service personnel like our military and first responders. We believe it is crucial to support this community however we can.

Passion Brands connection to American service folk and families – including First Responders, EMTs, military, law enforcement, firefighters, & public government employees, teachers, students – is personal, and we thank you. So we are giving back to you by providing a CBD Oil military discount as well as a CBD Oil discount for first responders and more.

Our marketplace offers discounts for these core members of our community as well as their families. Thank you for your past & future service, and for teaching us those valuable lessons we hold close to our hearts.

Use the links below to access your discount for CBD Oil by logging in or signing up through our VerifyPass portal.

If you serve our country as a military personnel, or a first responder, please enjoy 30% off CBD Oil products using our CBD Oil discount program.
If you serve our country as a teacher or are a student, please enjoy 15% off CBD Oil products using our CBD Oil discount program.

Who Qualifies for Passion Brands CBD Oil Discount Program?

Passion Brands offers a military discount for CBD oil for a variety of military servicemen and women as well as First Responders, teachers and students.

Passion Brands offers discounts for Active Duty members currently serving full time in the Armed Forces as well as Veterans who previously served and were discharged under Honorable conditions. This includes retired or disabled veterans as well as dependents (spouses or children) of Active Duty members or Veterans.

In addition,Passion Brands offers discounts on CBD oil for First Responders. First Responders include policemen, firemen, and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). Passion Brands provides discount to law enforcement who include local policemen, sheriffs and deputies and Federal LE. Passion Brands also supports our firefighters, including all departments for local and wilderness response. We accept current and retired staff for law enforcement and firefighters.

In addition to police and firefighters, Passion Brands also offers CBD discounts for Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and Public Service officials. EMTs include any medical emergency responders and emergency staff with proof of credentials. This is also the case for Public Service officials. Public Service officials who receive a CBD discount on Passion Brands products include government and service employees; however, the employee must have a valid .gov email address for verification.

How to Use Passion Brands CBD Oil Military & First Responder Discount

Passion Brands uses Verify Pass to offer first responder & military discounts for CBD. Verify Pass is an external application that verifies usability in just 60 seconds. If you have previously used ID Discount, simply sign in just like you would with your previous Seller. To receive your military discount for CBD oil, easily sign in using Facebook, Google or other means and the following page will provide your single use discount code.

Further, if you are teacher (Including Pre-K, K-12 and Professors or a student with an eligible email we provide discounts for you as well!

If you have not been verified through Verify Pass, follow the steps below to become verified. If you have problems receiving verification, please help@verifypass.com . Once you are verified, if you have trouble using your discount, please contact us!

How to Receive Verification for CBD Oil Military Discount

If you have not been verified by Verify Pass, you can quickly complete a 1-time verification application to receive your discount.

Verify Pass has access to a secure Defense Eligibility Enrollment Reporting System (DEERS). If you have not been verified, you will be prompted to non-sensitive information which is checked against DEERS. This information may include your service area, dates of active duty and military branch.

When DEERS matches an individual as an Active Duty member or Veteran, the individual will become verified in the ID Discount database. Once verified, simply use the login information. You will not be required to become verified again.

Not everyone is approved through sign in or the DEERS method. In this case try these other methods.

Use Email to Verify CBD Oil Military Discount or First Responder Discount

If the DEERS method does not work, try using an email. Any .mil email address will provide the proof you need to login and receive a military discount for CBD. Use this email to receive a 5-Digit PIN then use the PIN as an activation code through Passion Brands military discount program for CBD.

When the email links to the account and the email is verified, the individual will be designated as Verified Military in the military discount program. You will not need to re-verify the address, but only one email can be linked per account.

If you have an active .gov email, use this email to verify your service and expedite your verification process.

Other Documentation to Prove Service as First Responder or Military for CBD Oil Discount

In some cases, the above methods do not work. In the case that none of the above provide an instant match, you can upload documentation to provide evidence of service.

If you are a First Responder, provide the following documentation:

  • Official ID Card
  • Official Badge
  • Pay Stub
  • Promotion/Award Certificate

If you are a military personnel, submit the following documentation:

  • Accepted documentation includes:
  • DD-214
  • Official ID from Veteran’s Affairs
  • Veteran’s Driver’s License (not all States offer this)
  • G.I. Bill documents
  • Promotion Certificate or Award Certificate

If you are a teacher, submit the following documentation:

    • ID Card Badge

<liTeacher’s License or State Certification

  • Credential used to gain access to their campus


If you are a student you can verify by your email. This is good for one year at which point VerifyPass will ask you to re-verify to ensure you still have that working email.

Once the document(s) are uploaded, ID Discount will acknowledge reception of documents via email. Once inspection of the documents are complete (normally within a day), ID Discount will send a confirmation email with approval of their military discount. To receive your CBD discount, you must re-visit the popup and complete your checkout.

If ID Discount declines your document it may be for a couple reasons. One reason may be because the photo or document you sent was incorrect. In this case, ID Discount will send an email requesting you to try again.

The other reason may be because the photo or document may be blurry or password-protected. In this case ID Discount will email you to help you with the process.

Once you are verified through ID Discount, you will not need to repeat this process again to see your first responder or military discount for CBD oil. Instead, simply use your login information to receive your individual coupon code.

How to Receive a First Responder or Military Discount for CBD Oil on Passion Brands

Once Verify Pass has verified your service within the military or as a First Responder you can easily login to the account and receive your single-use discount for CBD. Copy the code and during checkout, there will be a bar at the top that provides a option to enter a discount coupon. Paste your unique discount code within the discount bar. Press “enter” and your discount code will be applied automatically.

We apologize but you cannot use multiple discount codes on a single order.

Each time that you re-order, please login through this ID Discount portal to retrieve your one-time use discount code for CBD.